happy children at summer camp in Washington DC
happy children at summer camp in Washington DC
summer camp for arts and outdoors
students learning at summer camp in Washington DC
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Warm and Welcoming
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Exciting and Engaging
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Imaginative and Inspiring
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CASA at Sheridan School

CASA stands for “Creative Arts Summer Adventure”

We’re everything our name implies: warm and welcoming…imaginative and inspiring…exciting and engaging. Located on the Sheridan School city campus, CASA offers a colorful mix of creative summer classes in a setting that’s relaxed, supportive, and highly interactive.

Why Choose CASA?

Our exceptionally talented teachers create a welcoming home-like setting filled with countless family festivities for campers to have an exuberant, multi-sensory summer experience.


Art is all around us! The CASA program inspires our campers to question and reimagine what it means to be an artist.

Small Class


Camper: Counselor

Inclusive Programming

Similar to our Sheridan School philosophy, CASA’s mission is to create a culture of belonging.

CASA is a Family

From ice cream socials to morning greetings and arts festivals, CASA prides itself on making our camp feel like a home to our students and their families.

“Casa is his happy place where he can be himself without judgment. That is sorely missing in the mainstream world. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“You and your wonderful team are amazing! This is [her] 1st camp experience and you've set the bar so high no other camp will ever come close."

"CASA is amazing! Just a quick note to say thank you to you and the team for an awesome Session II of CASA. It's such a well-run camp and my kids LOVE IT. Highlight of the summer.”

“First of all I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to you and your team for making the past two weeks so enriching for [him]. He had a great time at CASA - I only wish we had signed up for more sessions earlier in the summer.”

“It is such an amazing camp. We had heard about it for years, but we weren't sure how it would be because it is our first time sending a child there. Within the first week, we knew it was awesome enough that we wanted it to define our summer! Thank you for everything.”