CASA offers the following programs for our campers:

Creative Little Kids (CLK)
Ages 3-K

  • Ages 3- entering in the fall to Kindergarten
  • Full-day program: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Early childhood teachers & freelance artists
  • 5:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Modified Responsive Classroom: program unfolds at your child’s pace
  • Art-infused program, with nature, playtime, and outdoor activities
  • Emphasis on collaboration, socialization, and decision-making
  • All ages combined in a congenial classroom setting
  • Balance of structured and unstructured time, including rest periods
  • A daily documentation of accomplishments & process
  • Children must be potty-trained

Creative Little Kids (known around CASA as CLK) have the best of all worlds: the attention of early childhood teachers, coupled with the expertise of working artists, dancers, musicians, and athletes.  Designed for children ages 3- entering Kindergarten in the fall, this engaging full-day program encourages exploration of the arts. Your child delves into limitless modes of expression: visual and performing arts, playing with color and light, building with blocks, and other imagination-stretching activities. Ready to burn off some energy? Nature discovery, water play, and other outdoor activities emphasize socialization and collaboration with friends. CLKs stay together as a group, learning to make wise and reasoned choices, interact positively with their environment, develop meaningful friendships, and deepen self-esteem.

The CLK campers will be grouped by age. Three, four, and five, six-year-olds will have designated classrooms. There are exemptions in case two campers would like to be together. Please write your child's friend on the online registration or notify us via email. Three-year-olds will have an afternoon “quiet” time for napping or resting; please send them a change of clothes and their favorite nap items on the first day of camp (marked with his/her name).  All children, regardless of age, need to be potty-trained before beginning camp.


Young Creators (YC)
Ages 1-7

  • Rising grades 1-7 in fall 2023
  • Full-day program: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Taught by professional artists, athletes, teachers, performers
  • 8:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Most classes combine campers of all ages (6-12 years) unless otherwise noted
  • Variety of different classes to choose from
  • Daily festival period
  • Responsive Classroom: camper participates in decision-making
  • Emphasis on exploration, creativity, initiative, collaboration, and leadership

Designed to challenge and excite, the full-day Young Creators program appeals to youngsters entering grades 1-7 in fall 2023. Campers choose four daily classes for the session.


Creative Apprenties (CAPS)
Ages 7-8

  • Rising grades 7-8 in fall 2023
  • Full-day program: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Mentored by teachers and program managers
  • Variety of classes to explore
  • Job training
  • Responsive Classroom: camper participates in decision-making
  • Emphasis on leadership, creativity, independence, and collaboration

The Creative Apprentice Program is geared to offer a combination of summer camp fun and job preparation to rising 7th & 8th grade students.  The program presents students with the opportunity to divide their time between being campers in the classroom and camp helpers.  It serves as the perfect bridge between our Young Creator camp program and our Counselors In Training Program.

The Creative Apprenticeship Program is best described as a summer job internship in a fun and creative camp environment. Its purpose is twofold: 1) To instill leadership skills in students that they can carry with them into the school year or into any youth summer camp job positions they may pursue in the future. 2) To allow our maturing students the ability to still enjoy the CASA experience as campers. In short, creative apprentices hold the unique position of being “Half-Camper/Half-Helper”.

*CAPs must attend the full two week session.