Period 1 Class Offerings

  • Acting and Improvisation (Grade 1 & up)
    Do you like to think on your feet? Does your imagination soar at a second's notice? This is the class for you. You'll learn acting basics and the secrets to successful improv performance. 
  • Ceramic Handbuilding (Grade 1 & up)
    Learn traditional pinch, coil, and slab techniques of hand-building ceramics to make take-home treasures. CASA's two studios teach the same methods, producing different projects. 
  • Painting (Grade 1-3)
    This class will explore different painting techniques while learning about artists and art history. Discover many possibilities in this unique class full of color and creativity! 
  • Hiking and Exploring (Grade 1-3)
    Campers will walk to Rock Creek Park, where they will explore the woods, plants,  animal life, and birdwatch. . Snakes, frogs, snails, and animal footprints are something to look forward to in this discovery-filled class in the Great Outdoors. 
  • Yoga & Meditation (Grade 1 & up)
    Dive into greater self-expression, body awareness, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental sensitivity through basic yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. 
  • Soccer (Grade 4 & up)
    This class highlights the principles of offense and defense. Goalie skills, dribbling, heading, trapping, controlling, and team formation will be taught. This class will be held outdoors only. 
  • Motion & Animation (Grade 3 & up)
    This class will teach campers how to create animations with different supplies and tools. This is an "animation lab" class! 
  • Clever Clay Creations (Grade 1 & up)
    Experiment with all types of clay to create incredible, imaginative works of art to take home or give as gifts. 
  • Basketball (Grade 1 - 3)
    Whether you're hoping to improve your skills on the court or are new to the game of basketball, this class promises lots of fun for hoopsters of all levels. 
  • Good Morning CASA (Grade 1 & up)
    What's cookin'? Learn to make omelets, pancakes, muffins, poached eggs, and other breakfast treats. Yum! 
  • Legoland (Grade 1 & up)
    Future architects and engineers, this is for you! Each week, you'll tackle a new Lego challenge. Teachers will help you visualize parts of the whole to construct efficient, astounding Lego creations. 
  • Modern Dance/Jazz (Grades 1 - 3)
    Does music move you? This class presents fundamental concepts and skills from contemporary modern, ballet, and jazz dance forms such as floor work, inversion, and improvisation. Classwork develops efficient alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythm, dynamics, and spatial awareness.
  • 2D Art (Grade 1 & up)
    In this class, campers will learn the discipline of drawing, painting, and two-dimensional design. This class emphasizes materials, techniques, process, history, and the language of art.
  • Robots and Circuits (Grade 1 & up)
    Building robots is fun, easy, and can be done by nearly anyone. There's a new challenge to solve, a new experiment to conduct, and a new robot to build each session. 
  • Storytelling and Book Club (Grade 3 & up)
    In this class, campers will develop their storytelling talents, apply storytelling techniques, create storytelling guides, and perform a story for an audience. They will also read a book that campers will select together during the first week of camp.