Period 3 Class Offerings

  • Sculpting/3D Art (Grade 1 & up)
    Campers will learn to use recycled materials to make unique 3D objects. Come and explore a new world with us!
  • Beginner Video (Grade 1 - 3)
    Get the maximum fun from a camcorder. Start with the basics of movie-making and explore creating music videos, sitcoms, and drama.
  • CASA Mini-Musical (Grade 1 - 3)
    Under the guidance of a talented group of theater artists/teachers, campers participate in acting, dance, voice, music, costume, prop, and set design that ends in mini-Broadway-style production. This is a smaller-scale version of our popular CASA Musical for campers and gives our younger campers a sense of what it feels like to be part of a musical.
  • Mad Science (Grade 1 & up)
    Imagine the wizardry you can conjure up in the laboratories of CASA! We're not precisely Hogwarts, but you'll learn potions and amazing scientific tricks.
  • CASA Blog (Grade 4 & up)
    CASA Blog is back! Write, edit, illustrate, design, and lay out the CASA blog. Practice creative writing, roam the camp, interview staff and campers, conduct polls, create puzzles and then put it all together in our official blog!
  • Food Traveling the Globe (Grade 1 & up)
    Join us in a delicious round-the-world journey as we savor multicultural delicacies from different nations. Bon Appetit!
  • The Potter's Club (Grade 1 & up)
    Experiment with all types of clay to create incredible, imaginative works of art. It's never too early to start thinking about holiday gift-giving!
  • Hip Hop (Grade 4 & up)
    Get your groove on! Enjoy "street style" hip-hop movements and appreciate the various cultural influences this rhythm brings to life.
  • Board Games and Fun (Grade 1 & up)
    Campers find tons of fun playing classic board games like Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Battleship, Connect Four, backgammon, and much more…
  • Made by You (Grade 1 &  up)
    Crazy for bisque pottery? In this class, campers will learn different glazing techniques while creating mobiles, masks, candle holders -- anything you can imagine just with bisque!
  • Minecraft (Grade 1-3)
    Campers will learn how to play Minecraft and experience exploring, crafting, and building things in the Minecraft world. With the teacher's guidance, players will push the limits of the construction tools Minecraft people have made.
  • Ink and Printmaking (Grade 1 & Up)
    Campers will explore various printmaking processes, including intaglio, relief, recycle printing, and mono-printing.
  • Fitness, Gymnastics, and Fun (Grade 1 &  up)
    In this class, campers will have three of their favorites all at once: gymnastics, movement, and fun!
  • Softball (Grades 1 & up)
    This class introduces campers to basic slow-pitch softball knowledge and skills. Instruction includes fundamentals in throwing, catching, pitching, hitting, base running, base coaching, and game rules will be part of this class.