Period 4 Class Offerings


  • Better than Easy Bake (Grade 1 & up)
    Move over, Betty Crocker. CASA campers will be whipping up delicious desserts, cakes, loaves of bread, and cookies.
  • Minecraft (Grade 4 & up)
    Campers will learn how to play Minecraft and experience exploring, crafting, and building things in the Minecraft world. With the teacher's guidance, players will push the limits of the construction tools Minecraft people have made.
  • CASA Mini-Musical (Grade 4 & up)
    Under the guidance of a talented group of theater artists/teachers, campers participate in acting, dance, voice, music, costume, prop, and set design that ends in mini-Broadway-style production. This is a smaller-scale version of our popular CASA Musical for campers and gives our younger campers a sense of what it feels like to be part of a musical.
  • CASA TV & Experimentation (Grade 3 & up)
    Here's the scoop: become a reporter, news anchor, or TV producer. Entertainment, sports, and news come alive at CASA!
  • Ceramics and Fun (Grade 1 & up)
    If you're a clay-niac, this class is for you! Learn the secrets of working with clay, and you'll soon be making the most unique pieces.
  • Team Games (Grade 1 & up)
    Game on! Dodgeball, kickball, volleyball, new games, and old favorites will keep you and your teammates on the ball.
  • Origami and Paper Art (Grade 1 & up)
    Learn how to create different creative origami masterpieces that will have you incredible yourself, your friends, and your family!
  • Photography (Grade 2 & up)
    See the world of CASA through a whole new lens! Campers will learn the basics of digital photography and compose their own mini portfolios.
  • Mad Science (Grade 1 & up)
    Imagine the wizardry you can conjure up in the laboratories of CASA! We're not precisely Hogwarts, but you'll learn potions and amazing scientific tricks.
  • Hip Hop (Grade 1 -3)
    This class will incorporate ballet, modern dance, jazz, and hip hop. Campers will learn about body alignment, stretch, strengthening, and rhythm while having fun and exploring innovative choreographies.
  • Water Everywhere (Grade 1 & up)
    Splish-splash! Cool down with water games. Campers will play all games on the playground in good weather. Make sure to pack a bathing suit and towel!
  • The Potter's Club: Hand and Wheel (Grade 4 & up)
    Create incredible, unique, imaginative art by hand or with the wheel. This class will show more techniques and advanced features for clay lovers.
  • Yoga & Meditation  (Grade 1 & up)
    Dive into greater self-expression, body awareness, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental sensitivity through basic yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.
  • Puppet Art & Puppetry  (Grade 1 & up)
    Enter the wonderful world of puppetry! Campers will learn how to create various types of puppet and try out basic puppetry techniques.